OTW Fannews: Fandom challenges

  • NPR’s Code Switch asked Who Gets To Be A Superhero?. “But an artist named Orion Martin noted that the X-Men comics have on the receiving end of much real-life discrimination: the main lineup in the X-Men team has been mostly straight, white dudes…So Martin decided to reimagine them, recoloring some famous panels so that the main characters are brown — a gimmick that changes the subtext and stakes for the X-people.”
  • A post on Flayrah discussed what makes furries a fandom. “Fandoms revolve around a common interest, not a canon. At times the common interest will also serve as the canon, in such things as the Doctor Who fandom or the Pokémon fandom, but at other times the common interest will be more vague, such as the anime fandom, the sci-fi fandom and the furry fandom. In those cases the fans are fans of a concept that can encompass many different fandoms due to a common element. Furry certainly has what we can term a canon. Fred Patten has compiled a long, but incomplete, list of works that influenced and led to the formation of the furry fandom between 1966-1996.”
  • Gamer Zarnyx discussed early prejudices and missing past experiences. “I am aware that had A Link Between Worlds been my first game in the series, I would have been voicing an entirely different opinion. I am aware that it is a little bit selfish to dismiss the game as ‘just another Zelda game’, just as I am aware it would be ridiculous of me (again) to dismiss Nintendo and tell you my faith is wavering. That’s not my intent for a company who has given me more amazing memories than forgettable ones and continues to do so even now…But as I listened to my sister’s gleeful squeals sprinkled in with the ‘oh no’ moments of hearing death approaching…I wanted that excitement too instead of the occasional jaded groan I mustered when encountering some of the same things I encountered on so many adventures before this one.”

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