OTW Fannews: Fandom and food

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  • Singapore Showbiz wrote about the rise of TV-themed dinners surrounding fandoms with a strong focus on food. “Passionate fans have even taken it upon themselves to create a Game of Thrones’ cookbook…with recipes for the dishes described in the series.” The group featured has “plans for more TV- themed dinners, with plans for ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Downton Abbey’, and ‘Hannibal’ dinners in the works.”
  • As an article on KDrama Stars points out, fan meetings with or without food are hardly new. The Korean Drama Group started as a yahoo group in 2003 and has been meeting annually. Its fans discussed how their interest branched out from TV shows. “Some of the group’s members have been inspired to learn more about Korean culture. Some take language and Korean cooking lessons. Some members of the group traveled to Korea on the k-drama tour inspired by ‘Winter Sonata.'”
  • Eating celebrations can be city-wide as shown in this article by Colorado Public Radio on Star Wars themed events in Denver. “The vegetarian restaurant City O’ City and its adjoining live art space Deer Pile are hosting their third annual ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ party. This year, Mutiny Information Cafe, 3 Kings Tavern and City Hall have joined the roster of venues participating in the interplanetary festivities, helping spread the ‘Star Wars’ fandom from South Broadway through Capitol Hill.”
  • MomClick featured one fan who connected with actor/writer B.J. Novak through food. “Known for his role as the intern on the popular NBC sitcom ‘The Office,’ he was also one of the writers for the series…In honor of Novak’s book…Jen’s sugar cookies were shaped and decorated around a theme of one of [his] stories, ‘From the story about a red shirt, a mirror the size of Earth, to a story about what happened when the tortoise rematched the hare…I tried to get as creative as possible and to add a little bit more showmanship. They were delivered in a box decorated as the book jacket.’”

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News of Note
  1. Sumlin commented:

    I have a friend with a final fantasy cooking blog. He figures out recipes and puts together how to’s from the culinarian class on Final Fantasy XIV.

  2. Diana commented:

    I’ve got a fun blog called “Food Adventures—in fiction!” where I discuss and post recipes for foods from or inspired by movies, TV shows, books, and video games. There’s a whole ton of recipes to check out!