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  • One fanfiction reader turned writer based on his wife’s advice as reported by Houma Today. “Nearly 15 years ago, Caldwell discovered online discussion boards and began reading fan fiction… Barbara, his wife of 16 years, inquired about his reading material. ‘He said it was Jane Austen fan fiction, and he explained it to me… He told me about the stories out there, and he would critique them. As we were reading them, he kept saying ‘They missed it.’ or ‘They left this hole here.’ Finally, I had enough of that, and I said ‘Prove it. Prove that you can write better.'”
  • One mother tried to advise her daughter to abandon the stalking aspects of her fannishness. “‘You know being a fan girl is a little bit like being a stalker,’ I explained gently. ‘But me and my friends like being stalkers,’ laughed my teen. ‘I just wish they would stalk me back!’ Weeks later my daughter’s phone was cut off and when I rang the phone company to enquire why they said she’d overrun her call limit with texts and calls to America. Knowing my child didn’t know anyone Stateside I guessed her ‘fangirling’ was behind it… I confiscated my teen’s phone and banned her from all fangirling for a week. Monitoring my child’s ability to stalk wasn’t something I’d have added to the list of ‘mothering skills’ but it’s on there today.”
  • The Ask Weezy advice column for teens gave advice more directly when it received a question from a Fanfiction.net user. The writer was worried about a friend he met there visiting him because his parents didn’t know he regularly visited the site.
  • Blogger Jenny Cee posted advice about software and apps that would make fannish life easier. “Are you freaking tired of seeing that one ship come up over and over again as you trying to find a good fic read? Is there that one trope you can not stand, and if you see it one more time you will just lose it? Then yeah, then go ahead and install the greasemonkey (firefox) or tampermonkey (chrome), and scoot your butt over to the Greasy Fork and install the A03 savior. It’s has a bit of learning curve, but they are some helpful tutorials on how to set it up.”

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