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  • Texas A&M’s libraries wrote about the closing of a Game of Thrones exhibit while one on filk replaced it. “The Cushing Library filk collection will showcase examples of these songbooks, as well as audio, video, digital recordings and fanzines and fanvids— which demonstrate the interest and affection for particular aspects of both literary and broadcast science fiction and fantasy media. The collection seeks to preserve the popular legacy of science fiction and fantasy by documenting and acquiring various fanworks.” They are also looking for donations of “fanworks and filk-related materials.”
  • The University of California Riverside posted about 10 Notable Fanzines in the Eaton Collection. “You could say the fanzine is the internet’s precursor. These amateur publications began in the 1930s as a way for science fiction fans – who were geographically spread out–to share their ideas with one another. Created with mimeograph machines during people’s private time, fanzines included letter columns, author interviews and book reviews…The Eaton Collection is home to nearly 100,000 fanzines.”
  • The Macquarie Dictionary Online selected a word of the year but fanfic didn’t make it to the final round. It was, however, the finalist in the Arts category.
  • The Guardian looked at words as well, specifically those found in Buzzfeed’s style guide. Listing reasons to love the guide, the first choice was that “[i]t’s got entries that no other style guide has. ‘Fangirl’, ‘batshit’, ‘bitchface’ – one word or two? You aren’t going to find the answers in the Telegraph Style Book.”

What fan words do you think need a guide? Write some definitions on Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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