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  • SB Nation published a somewhat bemused summary of a day at MLB Fanfest but concluded that “The Real Baseball Thing has something to do with the act of playing baseball and something to do with the cumulative experience of watching it over a lifetime, and it’s easy to sense its presence and see its effect. It manifests as a slow, blissed-out trancefulness, and it — and not the sepia tones or the synergy — is what still fills stadiums and domes. The chance to commune with it is what led volunteers to spend day-long shifts feeding pitching machines and encouraging strangers. It was the only reason anyone was at the Javits Center in the first place, and why the game — alternately shrunken and puffed-up as it can seem — can still fill six blocks with excited people.”
  • Henshin Justice wrote about the growth of Tokusatsu fandom as seen at Anime Expo. “Power Morphicon is still in its infancy and focused on tokusatsu’s American counterpart; and G-Fest, the largest Godzilla / Japanese monster convention, is far away in the Midwest. Therefore, as the largest North American convention geared specifically toward Japanese animation and entertainment, Anime Expo becomes the big summer convention for most West Coast-based toku fans to meet and geek.” This can be a mixed experience since no fandom is completely harmonious. “[T]okusatsu cosplayers aren’t exempt from harsh, unnecessary criticisms. John noted other toku fans who approached him and questioned his cosplay and criticized him for even liking anything related to the Kamen Rider Hibiki series.”
  • Fan conventions are also the subject of documentaries, such as Fantasm, a horror convention documentary that “explores the bonds formed by the close-knit community of fans who attend horror conventions.”
  • Get-togethers don’t always have to be on such a large scale though, and animator Leigh Lahav created the short video “Fangirls” as a gentle poke at the trials and tribulations of female fandoms.

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