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  • Tor.com discussed the appeal of fanwork exchanges and four factors that make them so special to participate in. “That’s the amazing thing about online fandom: It’s built on the notion of giving year-round: granting each other new stories in worlds in which the writers no longer roam; lending each other an ear when no one we know has read those books or watched those TV show; giving each other stories with the utter delight of not knowing what happens next.”

  • Classicalite discussed wardrobe decisions made in The Leftovers, and its co-showrunner called for fanfic about the outfits. “You know if somebody wants to write fan fiction, tell me what happens when he puts on the G.R. outfit. Tell me what happens when he puts on the priest outfit. I think that is definitely implicit. And the other fun detail, of course, is that once he chooses the assassin’s outfit and he gets it wet and he goes to look back in there’s no going back. It wasn’t like he could suddenly become a cop. That’s gone. The choice is gone now.”
  • Conversely, Bustle highlighted Amy Schumer’s self-insert RPF. “Do you love fanfiction? Who doesn’t? Well, my friend, does Gentlemen’s Quarterly ever have just the thing for you. When GQ’s Men of the Year issue honoree/guest editor Amy Schumer was asked to invent fantasies about the other folks featured on the list, the award-winning comedian did not disappoint. Every last imaginary scenario concocted by the goddess among mortals is heartfelt. Creative. Moving. Inspired. Beautiful. Perfect.”
  • Blogger Natalie Luhrs wrote about what makes something fanfic-y. “It is the idea that there is a locus of shame in pro fic that I find so intriguing and why I have different reasons for reading fan fic versus pro fic (I like both!). But every so often, there’s a piece of pro fic that has qualities that strike me as particularly fannish–they’re usually the books where, as I’m reading them, I’m thinking to myself, ‘This is a terrible premise for a book and I can’t stop reading it because I am completely sucked into it.'”

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