OTW Fannews: Every Kind of Fan

OTW Fannews Every Kind of Fan

  • NPR reported on a K-Pop con in Los Angeles. “[T]alking demographics, Killoren says that most of the 40,000 KCON-goers are girls. Now, you might expect that most of the fans are Korean. ‘Most every single person will think that. In fact, most Koreans think that. And they come and they realize we have – less than 10 percent of our audience is Korean.’ And Killoren says, that’s kind of the point. KCON is a way to give American K-pop fans a taste of something they usually only see on YouTube and to get them caught up in that Hallyu wave.” (Transcript available).
  • Portugal News Online reported on an international Cliff Richard con. “Sandra Nicholson, from Newcastle, flew in purposely from the UK for the fundraising event, as did 57-year-old life-long fan Margrit, from Austria. Most of the fans were already well-acquainted, having bumped into each other several times before at a number of the many concerts and events that have been held over the past half a century, since Cliff Richard rocked onto the scene in the late 1950s. Dutch fan Petra de Nie, who runs the Sir Cliff Video Clips website, was also on the cruise, as was Karen Campbell, who possibly had the longest trip of all fans, having travelled with her husband from Brisbane, Australia.”
  • Essential Pittsburgh hosted a discussion on “Why Pittsburgh is Geek City, USA” to explain “the start of the Comic Con cultural movement.” Comics museum director Joe Wos explained that geek culture was also critical for the growth of cities. “Geek is driving the economy…so I think it’s really important for a city to have the attractions, the resources, the sort of things that geeks look for when they move to a city.” A caller noted that “Pittsburgh has now had three generations of science fiction clubs all started by women” and Wos added “There was just this huge movement of women who wanted to take comics to the next level.” (No transcript available).
  • The Los Angeles Times discussed Outlander’s appeal. “The series arrives at a time when Hollywood is acutely aware of the value of female audiences, thanks to ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘Twilight’ and the upcoming ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ — projects with passionate, built-in fan bases that have forced the industry to rethink its attitude toward so-called ‘chick lit.’ And even though while television is thought to be a more female-friendly medium than film, prestige drama remains a realm dominated by male antiheroes. Starz, which last year broadcast ‘The White Queen,’ another sexy period piece featuring a strong heroine and adapted from a popular historical novel, is specifically trying to reach out to this ‘underserved audience’ of female subscribers.”

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