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  • LancasterOnline introduced its readers to the basics of fanfic in an article that gave a broad overview of fic types and issues–good, bad, and ugly. In an interview, a local library employee discussed her history of reading and writing Supernatural fic and shared her experience stumbling across uncomfortable elements: “’There have been times where I’ve come across summaries or some such, you honestly don’t know — should I call the police?’ she says, only half-jokingly. Plenty of fan fiction is benign, though, she says, noting, ‘You kind of have to wade through.'” The article also covers shipping and alternate-universe fics.
  • Another librarian described bringing fandom into her workplace in Steal This Idea: I Dig Fandom. Autumn Winters described using fandom-based events to draw teen readers into her library for the summer reading program. In addition to asking teens what fandoms they were interested in and researching them online, she wrote, “I also thought about ways to remake previously successful programs with an eye toward fandom. For example, Perler beads to Minecraft pixels or button making to My Little Pony cutie marks.” Ultimately, her Doctor Who and Minecraft events turned out to be the most popular.
  • In other Minecraft news, We all know Minecraft draws kids (and adults) to their computers and consoles, but a popular book series is now encouraging kids to read. TheLedger.com reports on a Scholastic guide series that has become popular with the game’s target audience. In the article, a parent of a 7-year-old notes that “there are books kids are reading for schools and books that they hopefully like in their free time. And if ‘Minecraft’ books are a motivation to read, that’s a good thing, right? At the very least, they’re developing skills, reading skills.” The article also cites the popularity of fanfic and another hit book based on The Legend of Zelda.

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