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  • io9 created a post on the various TV shows whose canon took a swipe at fanfiction writers. The post cites examples from ST:TNG, Futurama, Supernatural, Buffy, X-Files, Daria, and concludes with what it cites as a fanfic twist from Roseanne. “Roseanne had long been established on the series as a frustrated writer, and the entire show is revealed as her writing the story of her life. The sudden change to fantasy at the end came when her life got awful after her husband’s death, and she had to make up an alternate world to cope with the trauma. This twist ending, as strange and depressing as it was, heartily endorses everything the other shows condemned. What, it asks, is so wrong with writing a fun, escapist fantasy? It doesn’t have to be great art to be a pursuit that allows a person a creative outlet which sparks their imagination and gives them a lot of pleasure. So take that, Star Trek.”
  • Perhaps professional writers find the sheer volume of fan writing intimidating? The numbers provided by Wattpad list hundreds of thousands of stories covering everything from toys, YouTube stars, and particular celebrities as well as a few specific crossovers. An abbreviated history of fanfiction begins in 1850 and cites Jane Austen fanfiction, but then omits any other online sites that contributed to fanfic distribution by skipping straight from 1970 to Wattpad’s launch in 2007. Apparently forgotten are non-commercial fandom uses of newsgroups, mailing lists, individual fandom and author archives, as well as fan use of commercial sites such as blogging platforms or Fanfiction.net.
  • The Fandom Post ran a press release by corporate consortium, Anime Sols’ who appear to prefer partnering with fans, at least in terms of getting content released. The post describes their efforts to connect with fans by surveying them “on which further titles anime fans would like to see streamed and crowd funded on animesols.com” where fans could prepay for DVD sets. “‘User feedback is crucial for our site to grow and to provide important information about the customers directly to the Japanese animation studios. Anime Sols strives to be as transparent as possible about the process and money involved, and this is one method to get closer to the fans and their needs,’ says Hiroaki Tanaka, Yomiuri TV Enterprise Project Manager.”

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