OTW Fannews: Crossing Boundaries

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  • Hypable reported on how a The 100 fanfic went viral in non-fanfic communities. “It’s absolutely hilarious to see how non-fandom has responded to this fictional argument, and how people have even taken sides — but the fact that Clarke was immediately assumed to be a male does say a lot about our heteronormative society, doesn’t it?! Despite this somewhat depressing factor, The 100 fans are having a blast with this, and are fully embracing the ridiculousness of #ClarketheHusband. We’ve never been more in love with this fandom.”
  • Hypable also reported on a less happy example of a fanwork crossover, the appearance of yet another practitioner of the fanworks ambush stunt. “The segment started out fine, with Corden showing off brilliant, iconic pieces of artwork. But then… well. They start mocking fan art from artists who might have had less practice, or are younger. And Corden, especially, finds it all hilarious. And, sure. It’s amusing. Until you realize that there are people out there who drew them — and that these works are reproduced without consent or warning. The context of these pieces is stripped back; the smug hosts reduce them to a mockery, the butt of a joke. And these creators could be watching this show, without expectation, only to be accosted by unwarranted abuse.”
  • Of course, the print media is increasingly moving in on RPF fandoms’ turf by creating their own fanfic, focusing on anyone from local figures to politicians to celebrities.
  • Huffington Post pointed out how fandom’s use of social media had made their interaction with celebrity family members ever more likely. “But perhaps the best use of social media is the ability to know her son is safe wherever he might be in the world, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of fans almost ‘stalking’ their every move. ‘If they’re flying, I’ll do a search for “5SOS airport” and I’ll see they’ve landed and I’ll know they are safe…I would do that when I was looking after them too on tour, if they’d gone out on a particular night and I wanted to know if they’d come home to the hotel — it would be on Twitter — it’s kind of like they’ve got lots of little mums out there checking up on them.'”

What have been examples, for better or worse, that you’ve seen on fandom and fanworks crossing boundaries? Write about them in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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