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  • Crunchyroll displayed a slew of artwork when taking note of a new fanart meme. “The last week has given rise to bit of obvious genius on Japanese art portal Pixiv. Suitable for some awesome wallpapers, the hot trend of the moment in fanart is to draw characters trapped behind the glass of a smartphone.”
  • Meanwhile, io9 pointed out how fans are drawing the next Disney princess even though her details haven’t been released yet. “Only one image associated with Moana has come out, and Disney has said that it isn’t concept art for the movie, which focuses on Moana Waialiki, the only daughter of a chief from a long line of navigators. But based on that artwork and the setting of the film, a handful of artists have started drawing their own visions of Moana, drawing from various South Pacific cultures.”
  • Bowing to user demand, the World of Warcraft site battle.net added a fanfiction forum. “That’s right, you asked for it and now you’ve got it. We hope you have your creative juices flowing because now is the time to share just what it is that’s been crawling through your brain and itching to be be shared beyond the confines of your skull. Those voices you hear? Those are your own characters or interpretations of the world (of Warcraft) whispering in your ear and begging to be set free upon your fellows.”
  • IGN looked at audio fanworks for games. “Fans go to great lengths to celebrate the games they love. Some write fan fiction, draw beautiful images, or cosplay as their favorite characters. Others channel their reverence and admiration into rap albums. Some video game-themed rap songs make a big impact, but several more fall under the radar. The following are some of the best songs that didn’t quite nab the recognition they deserve.”

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