OTW Fannews: Changing the ‘mainstream’

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  • A blog post in the L.A. Weekly asked if fandom is doing enough about diversity. “I had attended a panel called ‘Beyond Cliches — Creating Awesome Female Characters for Comics, Film & Video Games.’ It was an interesting discussion that touched on the struggles that writers have when trying to sell female-centric animated TV series…But the panel was lacking in some areas. One of the audience members pointed this out…that the panelists, who were male and female, were all Caucasian…[and] made the point that issues of race have to be included in the discussion. He had a point, but, unfortunately, the comment didn’t prompt the lengthy discussion that it deserves.”
  • At Unleash the Fanboy, Jay Deitcher spoke about the difficulty of finding works to spend money on, even though he wanted to support small businesses. “Even Marvel, the big monster, understands that adding color, religion and diversity to their comics sell. Sadly, it is the mom-and-pop stores that are standing in the way of diversifying the market, and they are going to go broke doing it…Their shelf was filled with the old school Ultimate Peter stories, but the shop only ordered 1 copy of Miles Morales’s origin. When their 1 copy sold, they didn’t order more…you would think they would see that I have Young Avengers, Miles Morales, and others titles on my pull list, but somehow I am still invisible to them.”
  • At the New Statesman, Laurie Penny discussed how the literary world needs a reality check for its views about sex. “I can open my laptop and access reams of smutty stories – some of which, like EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, end up as paperback bestsellers.” So “[t]he squeamish sensibilities that produce the Bad Sex Awards have, in common with commercially produced pornography, the assumption that there is an objective scale by which the goodness or badness of sex may be judged, and a standard script from which one ought not to deviate.” Instead, we ought to say that “[b]ad sex is what happens when we believe that talking about sex is ‘redundant’ and writing about it is ‘crude’. It’s what happens when sexuality becomes a shameful, angry place at the forbidden centre of culture.”

What mainstream changes do you see that need to be made? Write about it Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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