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  • Fandom in 2015 was more “out” than ever before, with increasingly insightful takes on it that questioned common assumptions and sought to educate the public (and not just through academia.) Some of the developments had to do with changes in the media itself, and some due to an understanding of its rewards to both the media, as well as everyday efforts.
  • Hypable noted how fans were likely to spend the year-end holidays. “The fact is, everyone has their own traditions, and if you’re a part of a fandom, these traditions could (and probably do) relate to your passion. If you’re looking for ideas on how to add some flare to your celebrations this holiday, here are some ideas from six different fandoms!”
  • For some people, as in The Burlington County Times the real celebration was discovering a new fannishness. “[W]hen ‘Star Wars Episode VII‘ was announced, my sister almost cried with immense anticipation. I, on the other hand, wasn’t exceptionally fazed, but in the spirit of sisterhood, I agreed to attend a showing two days after the movie’s release. I hadn’t minded the original six films that I had been emphatically encouraged to watch as a child, and I knew that Laura would appreciate someone to whom she could fangirl.
    I had no idea that I would leave that theater shaking and screaming with joy over what is now my favorite movie. Somehow, I had been involuntarily indoctrinated into the ‘Star Wars’ cult, and I regret nothing.”
  • While some fannish meetings turned pretty permanent other fannish developments were personal revelations. “One of the awesome things about burlesque is that even when mainstream media usually only shows a limited ideal of women’s bodies, burlesque embraces all bodies. Big or small, tall or short, fit or not so fit. I’ve found the whole thing to be a very body positive experience. When I perform, I don’t care if people see my cellulite. And you know what? They don’t care either. They care that I’m performing as The Joker, or Edward Elric, or a post-apocalyptic road warrior. They care that I’m funny. They care that I’m showing them a great time. When everyone is having a great time being geeky, that’s all that really matters.”

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