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  • The Daily Dot directed readers to a Mad Max: Fury Road fanart piece “in which the entire story is retold as an Egyptian hieroglyph.” The amazing thing about these is not only does the hieroglyph feature actual Egyptian cuneiform, but that even if you’re not a fan of the film, you can still get a sense of the story from this design: the great mythic city with its powerful ruler and citizens desperate for water, the escaping wives, the pursuing warboys, and the savior Furiosa.”
  • Bookriot shone a spotlight on Fandom-Inspired Quiet Books. “[T]ouch-and-feel books are amazing and they should start making them for adults…Even better than a cloth book, though, are quiet books (also known as busy books). These are soft books that have little activities to be completed: usually buttons to be fastened, zippers to zip, and velcro pieces to be moved around. Quiet books are not very common in kids’ book publishing (probably because they’re more intensive to make), but lots of crafty people have created their own. This means they can be tailor-made for the recipient, and many people have used this to create amazing fannish quiet books!”
  • Radio Times got in on the act by identifying a variety of fan art celebrating all 13 Doctors. Unfortunately many media outlets tend to use the word ‘best’ to describe ‘whatever we were able to come across in a Google search’, and, as they admit in the article, not all of the 13 artworks were even done by fans. They do, however, represent various styles and mediums.
  • Interviews with the artists are even less frequently included in the ‘look at this fanart’ articles. These Curious Times rights that wrong by interviewing Pangaea Starseed. Asked, “What’s something that you wish people would ask you about your art? (Or what would you like for people to know about your work?)” Pangaea replied, “I think I just want people to be aware of how many layers of detail, balance and composition, symbolism and story-telling actually goes into these pieces. Even if it looks like I’ve just splattered some paint over some line work . . . I try to be very deliberate in my work.”

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