OTW Fannews: Awesome creations

  • Mother Jones wrote about Jennie Lamere, who recently won the “best in show” award at the national TVnext Hack event by helping fans avoid spoilers on Twitter. She did it by writing “Twivo, a new program that allows Twitter users to censor their feeds from mentioning a certain TV show (and its characters) for a set time period.” She was the only solo woman participating. “Hackathons (which have nothing to do with illegal hacking) bring together programmers, developers, and designers, who compete to code an innovative new program in a limited amount of time.” Lamere has already been approached by a company to market her creation. “She came up with the idea for Twivo the night before the competition, and it took her 10 hours and 150 lines of code to complete.”
  • Fan creativity isn’t just becoming a given, it’s beginning to be demanded as well. Kotaku posted about “Little Witch Academia…an animated 30-minute short released by Studio Trigger on YouTube” which was “produced as a part of the ‘Young Animator Training Project’.” Noting that anime fandom had successfully instigated a series from their response to an ad, writer Patricia Hernandez urged them to do the same with this project.
  • While non-scripted TV shows tend to lag in terms of fanwork creations, there’s at least one fan video out there, “Hold Up, Bro” that can make people take note that they exist. “Lisa Ferreira recreated last week’s episode in Legos, showing how three idols led to Phillip’s exit. It’s fantastic and kind of shocking that Legos are so effective at representing Survivor cast members and locations.” Ferreira then added ” a full-length song and musical number…written and performed by Lisa and her brother Matthew Willcott.”

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