OTW Fannews: Awards Season

  • Various sites discussed the Wicked Young Writers’ Award first annual fanfiction category, “created by teen entertainment website sugarscape.com to celebrate the growing popularity of fan fiction amongst young people.” The contest was “established in 2010…to recognise excellence in writing, encourage creativity and develop writing talent in young people between 5-25 years of age from all backgrounds and areas of the UK & Ireland.”
  • Fan art can also have its moment in the spotlight at the Southern Oaks Library Fan-Fiction Fan-Art contest. “Fan art may be any medium and contain original characters, but must contain copyrighted characters as the main theme. Similar rules apply to fan fiction.” The contest was open to all genres and contestant ages but they noted that the “[c]ontestant must be able to carry the Fan Art into the judging area.”
  • Australia’s The Chronicle wrote about a digital artist who “illustrated her life-long love affair with literature in her first solo exhibition Fanfiction, a reworking of her 20 favourite novels.”
  • The website io9 paid tribute to a fan artist who had been part of the community at the site. “We lost a member of our community today, io9-commenter and O-deck mainstay, §erenada. As we looked through her commenting and posting history, we uncovered this lovely gallery of artwork she did detailing one of Supernatural’s offscreen stories which we’re sharing with you now.”

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