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  • An article in Connecticut College’s The College Voice insisted that there’s no room for art that isn’t “original”, complaining about the success of cover bands. “Wicked Peach is certainly an example of this. One sophomore said her adoration for the band was because ‘they play songs I like without trying to make it their own.’ The Cover Band is Pop without the music. Wicked Peach is not music; it’s entertainment. They haven’t contributed a single original note to the universe, but they can certainly get 200 hundred drunk ’90s kids into a mosh pit. In their defense, at least they’re upfront about their unoriginality. With the majority of Pop music consisting of the same four chords, most contemporary music is essentially just slight variations on what’s come before.”
  • “Phony” fandom remains an issue for many Deadspin readers who took offense at a profile of soccer fans. “As insufferable as the characters in the story come off, I’d much rather have a beer with them than with anyone who tells someone else they’re being a fan the wrong way. This is the 22-year-old at a punk show scoffing at the 15-year-old who probably didn’t even know about the band until its major-label release…The self-important fan is convinced his fandom is a signifier of something larger than liking the sport. The self-confident fan doesn’t give a shit what brings other people to the sport. Be the self-confident fan.”
  • A post at io9 ‘s Observation Deck instead asked at what point you should “turn in your fan card.” “I haven’t really cared since about anything ‘new’ related to Star Wars. Pink Five was the best thing Star Wars to come out since the extended editions (and when I say that, know that I refused to buy the extended edition on video), and of course it was fan-made. I couldn’t be arsed to watch more than a bit of the Clone Wars. I haven’t even clicked on the recent casting announcements. But still, if I’m flipping through channels late at night and come across A New Hope on some godforsaken channel, or if I’m suddenly in the mood and grab my DVD of The Empire Strikes Back I’m transfixed again…So, I’m definitely still a Star Wars fan. I guess. From a certain point of view.”
  • This review of a My Little Pony parody concludes that fandom doesn’t have to be tragic. “This is probably the hardest comic I’ve ever had to give a rating to. Much like My Little Pony itself, it’s not my cup of tea, but there’s nothing particular wrong with it. It promises a parody of bronies and fandom culture and it delivers upon that just fine. I think the moral of this story is this: Regardless of your fandom, enjoy it the way you wish to enjoy it, and let others do the same. If you absolutely feel the need to argue your opinions to other members of your fandom please do so calmly and constructively and don’t bully others for disagreeing with you.”

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