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  • Arab Times reported on a new comedy, Ana Maria in Novela Land which features a bodyswapping heroine. “Ana Maria [is] an under-achieving twentysomething who spends far too much time focused on the soap. Between live-tweeting the telenovela while it airs, writing fan fiction featuring its lead characters, and spending almost every waking moment mulling over new plot developments, Ana Maria has little time for anything else.” They conclude that the show’s “sporadic tweaking of telenovelas and the fans who love them is often quite clever.”
  • Caped Crusades featured the fan art of Brazilian artist Rick Celis involving Batman and DC villains. Included were Gotham’s female villains as the Powerpuff Girls, and an Abbey Road take on the Joker.
  • The Hollywood Reporter was one of many sources linking to a Harry Potter parody video with original footage set to the song “Uptown Funk.” Created by a group of university students, its quick success may stem in part from J.K. Rowling tweeting that she’d enjoyed it.
  • Dork Side of the Force featured the anime style fanfilm ‘TIE Fighter’. “Seriously, the amount of detail in this video is astounding. Some of this stuff, like the detailed interiors of the Star Destroyer and TIE fighters, we’ve never even seen in the films before. And it all looks seamless, even in anime style.”
  • A project called OTP The Show has dubbed itself “A new web series about friendship – and smutty Hobbit fan fiction.” A trailer is currently available and the first of three episodes will be debuting in April.

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