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  • Singer, producer, and Portlandia star, Carrie Brownstein sent out an Instagram message on how thrilling it was to meet B52’s singer Cindy Wilson and the importance of fandom. “To this day I still am a fan, of many, many things. Fandom keeps me hopeful and engaged, a participant. And I was a fan last night in front of Cindy, rattling off a whole bunch of incoherent, half-strung together thoughts about her songs, her voice, her band, her brother. And it felt, well, awesome. I guess I’m sharing this because I’m on tour right now and I meet fans every night. Sweet and eager faces, sometimes desperate, sometimes nervous. Please know I’m grateful for all of it. And I understand it. I’m one of you.”
  • A review of The Great Detective in The Boston Globe cited the fandom section as the most interesting part. The author met with many fans at different events. “At one of these (a dinner held by the Baker Street Babes), he meets a doctoral candidate in adaptation studies whose work focuses on the great detective. ‘Sherlock Holmes is like the North Star of the culture,’ she says, neatly summing up Dundas’s own implied thesis. ‘Everything else swirls around and changes, but he is always there.'”
  • Author C.S. Pacat began her original novels for the Captive Prince Trilogy on LiveJournal before their commercial publication. In a leadup to the release of the final novel, she celebrated individual fan creators and their fanworks. After recognizing the works of several fan artists she added, “I (tragically) can’t read Captive Prince fanfiction in case I get influenced, but I’m always so happy to know that people are writing it. I chose these three writers because they have written the three most popular works on Archive.org – so I know that they are writers that you all love.”
  • A Newsarama article looked into how fans connect to characters and their developmental arcs. “Krasniewicz said the sense of ownership that comic fans feel toward their favorite characters is not unique to them. In fact, it’s part of being human. ‘This ownership or commitment to the universe that the fandom is built around is what humans do…We create these kinds of ties to real or fictional world’s because that is how we make sense of the world. These commitments help us categorize and judge everything around us. It is amazing how much fictional universes can influence the everyday world.'”

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