OTW Fannews: 2013 Recaps

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  • The Backlot‘s Shipping News series was among those providing a look back at 2013. They recounted various important moments for slash fandoms, such as May’s Saturday Night Live event. “In a whirlwind skit that included cameos from Ben Affleck to Anderson Cooper; Seth Meyer and Hader’s character, Stefon, tied the knot! In perhaps one of the best OTP-becomes-canon moments ever, Meyers gave his usual Weekend Update sign off as, ‘For Weekend Update, we are Seth and Stefon Meyers, good night!'”
  • The Learned Fangirl looked at gaming content in 2013. “By ‘women in games,’ I mean ‘female characters, preferably protagonists, featured in games,’ not women in the industry or in journalism or criticism. In short, this is not another review of Anita Sarkeesian or the Ada Initiative (both worthy causes).” She concluded that “The real issue I ran into was the dearth of such games from which to choose; given that there are dozens of major industry games released every year, it seems sad that I can’t come up with a top ten list because there aren’t ten games that fit the basic criteria. But at least none of the top five – even the top seven – feature cooking, sewing, or having babies… because female gamers enjoy shooting things, too.”
  • Vulture looked at 2013 TV ratings to see who was watching what. “Some shows you’d expect to have a more youthful audience still have plenty of Gen-Xers and above watching, though. The median age of the Glee viewer is now 41; CW’s Arrow is up to 48 (two years older than that of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).” Meanwhile “Among African-American adult viewers under 50, Scandal is the No. 1 non-sports show on broadcast, doubling the numbers of the No. 2 show of 2013 (American Idol) and nearly tripling the ratings of the No. 3 show, lead-in Grey’s Anatomy. Among Latinos and Asians under 50, however, comedy rules: The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family finish No. 1 and 2, respectively. (By contrast, those two comedies don’t even crack the top twenty with African-Americans.) Among the major networks, Fox does particularly well with minority audiences: It has seven of the top twenty shows with African-Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos.”

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