OTW Events Calendar for November & December

Welcome to our Events Calendar roundup for the months of November and December! The Events Calendar can be found on the OTW website and is open to submissions by anyone with news of an event. These can be viewed by event-type, such as Academic Events, Fan Gatherings, Legal Events, OTW Events, or Technology Events taking place around the world.

  • Supanova Pop Culture Expo, celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, is a popular culture convention which is held in various locations around Australia. Brisbane Supanova will take place on 9-11 November at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane, Australia. The event combines fans of science-fiction, pulp TV/movies, toys, console gaming, trading cards, animation/cartoons, fantasy, comic books, entertainment technology, books, cosplay, internet sites, and fan-clubs under one roof. A variety of celebrity guests will also be in attendance (see the full list).
    Supanova on Fanlore
  • DarkoverCon (also known as Darkover Grand Council Meeting) will be held 23-25 November in Timonium, Maryland, USA. The relatively small science fiction and fantasy convention (approximately 500 attendees) features numerous sci-fi/fantasy programming tracks, music panels, arts and crafts workshops, video programing, and much more. The convention also features a full track of Steampunk programming.
    DarkoverCon on Fanlore
  • A holiday that has worked its way into several fandoms (and built up one of its own), Festivus, will once again be celebrated worldwide on 23 December. Originally created by Daniel O’Keefe in the 1960s, the holiday gained mainstream popularity after being featured on the television sitcom Seinfeld.
    Festivus on Fanlore

This month we have two exciting calls for papers related to fandom and fan studies.

The first comes from The Phoenix Papers, for their first edition. The online peer-reviewed journal welcomes articles on fandom and media topics as well as reviews of anime, manga, books, movies, video games, TV series, web series, musical albums, performances, and other pop culture media products. Scholars at all levels of achievement, whether affiliated with an institution or independent, are encouraged to contribute. Completed articles or reviews are due by 15 December 2012 for the first issue. Articles may be on any topic relevant to US or global fandom and/or media studies. In general, reviews should be of items from 2009 onward with precedence given to those from the current year. For articles, please include a 200-250 word abstract and institutional affiliation, if any. For reviews, please indicate the item to be reviewed, why it is a significant or interesting work, and the intended approach.

TV Fangdom: A Conference on Television Vampires, to be held 7-8 June 2013 at the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom, has issued a call for proposals for 20-minute paper sessions at the conference. The organizers are especially looking for papers that examine older TV shows, shows that have rarely been considered as vampire fictions, and international vampire TV. Proposals of 250 words (plus a 100 word biography) are due no later than 16 December 2012.

We also have received a request for research participation from Dianna Fielding, who is writing an Honors Thesis towards her bachelors degree in sociology from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ms. Fielding put out a call to interview genderswap fanfic authors in June, and participation in that process has led her to expand her research to survey ‘fan producers’ in general (fanfic authors, fan artists, fan commentators, vidders, fandom bloggers, etc.).

You may see the consent and contact information for Dianna on the cover page of the survey.

Her thesis will be available through the Hamline University library and will also be posted to her blog.

If you have requests for research participation, please view our policy for inclusion at our website.

The OTW encourages anyone to submit an event that’s not already listed, and to check out the calendar throughout the year!


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