OTW Events Calendar for June

Welcome to our Events Calendar roundup for the month of June! The Events Calendar can be found on the OTW website and is open to submissions by anyone with news of an event. These can be viewed by event-type, such as Academic Events, Fan Gatherings, Legal Events, OTW Events, or Technology Events taking place around the world.

  • Coming up next week is CON.TXT. CON.TXT is a multi-fandom slash con held biennially (in even-numbered years) since 2006 and features panel discussions, and art and vid shows. It will be held this year at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in in Silver Spring, Maryland from 15 June 2012 – 17 June 2012. For more information visit con-text.net
  • At the end of the month we can celebrate Tau Day. In 2010, Michael Hartl posted an essay called The Tau Manifesto on his personal website. In it, he proposed using the Greek letter tau (τ) to represent that number instead. Hartl argued that an existing symbol like τ would face fewer barriers to adoption than a new symbol like the “three-legged pi.” A number of news outlets reported on “Tau Day”, a holiday proposed in The Tau Manifesto’ for June 28 to honour the number 2π.

In addition to this month’s events we also wanted to announce that we will be using the Events Calendar posts to publicize academic calls for papers, and these will also be added to our website Event Calendar. So if you have a CFP coming up for a journal or conference, feel free to submit it to us via the Communications committee contact form. Please keep in mind that while the Event Calendar is available at all times, this announcement post is only made at the start of every month, so please allow for sufficient lead time.

This month we have received a request for research participation from Dianna Fielding, who is writing an Honor’s Thesis towards her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She writes that:

“I hope to make this part of my doctoral dissertation. It has received approval from IRB. I will be conducting semi-structured interviews with authors and readers of genderswap fanfiction. I chose these authors in particular because genderswap is generally unstudied (unlike slash!) and not very many scholars have actually talked to fans about their work. In addition to the interviews I will be engaging in participant-observation by joining a genderswap community. This last part is still tentative, because it is difficult for me to find an active community.”

You may see the consent form and contact information for Dianna here if you would be interested in helping her with her study: Consent and Contact Form.

Her thesis will be available through the Hamline University library and will also be posted to her blog: http://www.sociologyfornerds.com/

The OTW encourages anyone to submit an event that’s not already listed, and to check out the calendar throughout the year!


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