OTW Board Meeting on November 12

The OTW Board will be holding its next public meeting from 1:00-2:00 AM UTC on November 12 (what time is that for me?).

This meeting will be held in the Board Discord server. For those who have attended meetings before, Board is making several changes regarding how the Board Discord is set up and how the meetings are run: we now have a dedicated team of moderators, and a new set of rules and community guidelines. Additionally, the server is now a community server, which will remain open after the meeting for questions and answers.

The agenda will include:

  • Decisions made since the last public board meeting
  • Welcome new Board members
  • Announce officer roles
  • Diversity update
  • Any other business
  • Further information will be available in the Discord server prior to the meeting.

    1. Punk commented:

      I’m curious about what this means: “the server is now a community server, which will remain open after the meeting for questions and answers.”

      How will this work? Will these questions be considered part of the meeting or separate and not included in the minutes? Will this space only be open immediately following a meeting or all the time? Because right now, I don’t have permission to post in any room, not even the help channel.

      • Anh Pham commented:

        Hello Punk, thank you for your interest in this meeting and how we are planning to moderate it. I’m the one leading this discord moderation project, and I am trying my best to limit discord-jargons in my reply here. However, if there is anything you still don’t understand, I’d be glad to clarify.
        The board discord server used to have several role-menu messages: messages that would ask members to react to it, then automatically assigned said members with certain roles based on reaction — which allow them to attend the meetings amongst other things. Since it’s now a community server, we are using discord’s Onboarding function instead — to grant newly joined members the “participant” role with respective permissions, such as observe the meeting, and ask questions regarding the meeting if necessary.
        Previously, Board members only answered a certain number of questions from attendees after the meeting agenda was concluded, thus not all questions would be sufficiently addressed due to time constraints as Board was answering questions during live meetings, without sufficient time for researching and double checking. However, as part of this November 12 meeting, we’re committed to answer a minimum of 10 questions, with leftover questions combined and posted as Q&A threads in the #questions-answers channel.
        Board is learning and adapting from how the Elections committee ran the 2023 candidate chats for our meeting. Further details can be found on the server. Plans may be subject to change later.
        The questions that Board is going to answer as part of the meeting will be included in the minutes. After the meeting concludes, the server will resume its read-only status for two weeks. On November 26, Board will start posting weekly Q&A threads based on leftover questions we receive during the November 12 meeting.
        The board public server is not a social server. Its first and foremost function is as a place for Board members to hold public meetings. The server is only open during certain periods of time, and we open the posting permission when we feel sufficiently prepared to moderate and organise it. We just sent an announcement in the server to remind people of when the public meeting takes place, and members now have permission to post in the #help channel, if they need to ask for assistance.
        If you have any further concerns, or if there is anything else you want clarified, feel free to reach out.
        Anh Pham
        OTW Board