OTW Board meeting minutes now available online

As part of our overall efforts to increase transparency, the OTW Board of Directors has voted to publicly post the minutes of Board meetings. You can read the Board meeting minutes here. At present only minutes from the 2011 term are available, but we’ll be adding some older minutes once we’ve had the chance to review them for confidential information.

Most of our Board meetings have two parts, which you will see reflected in the minutes. Each meeting generally begins with an “open session” that takes place in the Chairs chat room and is open to all OTW committee chairs. The second part of the meeting is a “closed session” that takes place in the Boardroom and is open only to the Board. Closed sessions are used for discussing confidential matters such as legal or personnel issues (in the latter case, the minutes generally do not record the names of the personnel involved), while open sessions cover a wide variety of topics. Following each meeting, minutes are drafted by the Secretary and then approved by the other Board members.

We recognize that increasing organizational transparency means something bigger and deeper than simply posting more stuff — and meeting minutes, in particular, can sometimes be challenging to make sense of because they are snapshots in time that lack the context of what goes on between meetings. Still, we hope that posting our minutes will offer a useful window into the work of the Board. To learn about other transparency initiatives that are currently in progress or under discussion, and to add to that discussion, please see our recent post on brainstorming for a more inclusive OTW (also on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal, where there are more comments). We welcome your suggestions.


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