OTW Anniversary Challenge Post #2

The Organization for Transformative Works is celebrating its fifth anniversary! From September 4 to September 6, we’re holding trivia and participation contests across our various news outlets, in order to celebrate and publicize the OTW’s various projects and organization history.

See our first announcement post for more details on the contest rules, and if you have any questions please post them there.

Post #2: Reply to us telling us what the OTW means to you, either in writing or through a picture.

  1. Rachel B. commented:

    To me, the OTW means fans making something for ourselves and for each other — a home for our fanworks which is all ours, which nobody can take away — fans teaching each other to code in order to build the AO3 — our stories and histories and memories preserved in the pensieve which is Fanlore — the ideas and essays in TWC — oral histories of vidders — saving archives which are in danger of washing away — sparkles and celebration and squee and love, always love.