OTW 2014 Board Retreat

Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Board'

The 2014 OTW Board Retreat will be held in October 3 – 5, 2014, in Silver Spring, MD. It will be a meeting of the Board of Directors and the Strategic Planning Committee, with members from the Legal Committee and the Volunteers & Recruiting Committee in attendance as well. Board has also asked a communications facilitator to attend.

The goals of the retreat are for us to come up with a basic strategic plan for the organization, as well as work with the communications facilitator so everyone in attendance will come away with improved communication and mediation skills. We also plan to produce a high level overview document with recommendations regarding the OTW’s structure, including multiple options for personnel to consider and on which input will be invited and incorporated.

From the inception of the strategic planning process, this has been the advertised outcome, with a final goal of developing a three to five year plan for the future of OTW. This is standard practice within nonprofits across the world, and it is the mission and purpose of the Board of Directors to develop and direct the long-term progress of the organization.

The OTW Board of Directors often finds ourselves saying, “We’re not a regular nonprofit Board” and “We don’t do what nonprofit Boards do.” We hope that with the help of the other attendees of the retreat, we will be able to set the OTW on a direction toward meeting the best practices of nonprofits.

We have many reasons for wanting to do this; primarily, though, our reason is the health of the organization — specifically the people who make up the organization. Without volunteers, the OTW is nothing at all, and if we can’t take care of our volunteers and address the problems that have been brought to our attention, why should volunteers stay with the OTW? We want to make strides in volunteer happiness, safety, and retention; that is the ultimate goal of 2014’s Board of Directors.

Along with the Board retreat, we will be holding another “A Meet-Up Of Our Own” party so that any interested people — fans, OTW members, fellow OTW volunteers — can join us in Silver Spring. We’ll be providing more details on that as soon as we have a firm schedule for the event.


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