OTW 2011 Candidate Statements and Initial Candidate Chat Transcript

The first of our two OTW elections chats was held at 1900 UTC 17 October 2011. We’ve posted a transcript and screenshot for any OTW members or supporters who missed the event and would like to catch up. As we have six candidates for the four seats available in this election, an hour-long chat proved tight! We’ve asked the candidates to answer the questions that were introduced but that went unanswered, and we will post their responses within the next day.

We encourage you to submit questions via our elections webform for the second chat, which will be held 26 October 2011 from 8pm to 9pm UTC (What time is that where I live?) in the OTW public chatroom, accessible at this link: https://fanarchive.campfirenow.com/e79cc.

You can read the transcript or view the screenshot here, on the OTW Elections website.

Also now available are the candidates personal statements — you can read them on the OTW Elections website.


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