OTW 16th Anniversary Survey Report

On September 5, 2023 the OTW launched a user survey to coincide with its 16th anniversary. The purpose of this survey was to identify locations used by fans for fandom activities in order to better understand where they might be encountering and sharing news. In compliance with our Strategic Plan’s Vision Statement, we also used this survey to establish a baseline of fans’ familiarity with the OTW and its projects.

The survey asked between 16 and 35 ticky box and radio button questions (depending on what answers were given) and was open for 16 days, closing on September 21. During that time the survey was accessed 90,607 times. This may indicate that some people visited the form several times, either to start and stop a survey response or to read the opening page.

Our survey platform designated the consent form as Q1, so survey questions began with Q2. Of the 79,222 respondents to the consent form, 78,258 said Yes (98.78%) they consented to take the survey and 965 (1.22%) said no, at which point those users did not continue with the survey.

The survey report covers the following:

1) How many responses there were to each question
2) What number and percentage of respondents chose each answer, and
3) How many people skipped the question.

Below are a few examples of responses from the report:

Q2: How long have you been active in online fandom spaces?

78,258 survey takers received this question.
77,358 answered it.
1,865 exited the survey at this point.

Bar graph with numbers as shown below

Less than a year – 1,964 (2.54%)
1-2 years – 6,563 (8.48%)
3-5 years – 20,369 (26.33%)
6-10 years – 25,105 (32.45)
11-15 years – 13,040 (16.86%)
16-25 years – 8,690 (11.23%)
26-30 years – 1,257 (1.62%)
Over 30 years – 370 (0.48%)

Q26: Have you ever downloaded a fanwork from Archive of Our Own/AO3?

67,544 survey takers received this question.
67,475 answered it.
69 exited the survey at this point.

Pie chart with numbers as shown below

Yes – 46,574 (69.02%)
No – 20,901 (30.98%)

Visit this link to access the rest of the report.


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