Open Doors

The Open Doors project is dedicated to offering shelter to at-risk fannish content. We have several subprojects and rescue efforts aimed at archiving and preserving different kinds of fanworks and artifacts of fan culture.

Our work includes:

  • Special Collections: The Special Collections Gallery includes rescued archives and challenges hosted at the Archive of Our Own, as well as digital projects which cannot currently be integrated into the Archive or Fanlore. These include .pdfs, multimedia fanworks, historically important fan sites, and other digital artifacts.
  • Fan Culture Preservation Project: A joint venture between the OTW and the Special Collections department at the University of Iowa to archive and preserve fanzines and other non-digital forms of fan culture.
  • GeoCities Rescue Project: A project dedicated to preserving fan sites which would otherwise have been lost through Yahoo’s closing of GeoCities in October 2009.

For more information, please visit the Open Doors website.