An open letter to the Board Candidates

Dear Julia, Naomi, Betsy, Nikisha and Jenny,

Yay for all of you!

We’re so glad that we have five talented, passionate, engaged fans who want to fill the four seats on the OTW Board. Thank you for running. And thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve done for the org already, even before deciding to run. We hope that all of you will stay highly involved with the org, and we hope that whoever doesn’t wind up on the board this year will stay active and will consider running again next year.

Seriously: it is great to see five awesome people who want to keep the OTW strong and vibrant. Nothing could be more gratifying. Those of us who are staying on the board look forward to working with you, and those of us who are leaving the board do so with full confidence that no matter who wins, we are leaving the org in good hands.


The OTW Board, 2011

  1. Jenny S-T commented:

    Thank you, and +1 to all of this – all my fellow candidates are great people who have done amazing work for the org, and I hope we will all continue to do so in the future.