October Membership Drive: Thank you!

The OTW’s October membership drive has drawn to a close, and we have preliminary results to share.

During the official drive period of October 13-17, we received 601 contributions totaling US$18,626.33. To put that in perspective, that’s about US$155 every hour for 5 days! And your generosity hasn’t stopped: more than US$900 has been donated so far today, and donations are still arriving through the mail. We’ll bring you updated figures in the OTW newsletter as soon as we get them added up.

We’re grateful to all of you who helped make this drive a success. Thank you for donating, whether it was your first time or your fifth (or tenth or eleventh or…you get the idea). Thank you for spreading the word and sharing your perspectives about what the OTW’s work means to you. Thank you to our devoted staffers and volunteers who spent hours brainstorming and planning, designing graphics, writing and editing, doing technical troubleshooting, reconciling payments, answering questions, and helping out in innumerable other ways to get and keep this drive moving.

It’s thanks to the support and dedication of fans like you that the OTW exists, and it’s your ongoing support that will enable us to continue serving fandom for years to come. Fanlore, the Archive of Our Own, Open Doors, our legal advocacy work, and Transformative Works and Cultures all will be strengthened and sustained by the generosity you’ve shown over the last few days. On behalf of everyone at the OTW, and on behalf of all the fans who use our projects, thank you. ♥


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