October Membership Drive: Documenting Fannish History Through Fanlore

Fanlore, the wiki project maintained by the Organization for Transformative Works, is a living record of all things fannish. The wiki has recently passed the milestone of 25,000 articles and has received over 19 million views!

Documenting our history, communities, events, practices, and works in a wiki is invaluable in welcoming new members into fandom, and in preserving our events and traditions for future generations of fans. Just a few of the contributions Fanlore welcomes include:

* Memories
* Definitions and trivia
* Discussions
* Memes
* Links to fandom resources
* Overviews of fandom history
* Examples of fanworks, fansites, fan gatherings, and groups

We’re always looking for content from every fandom, everywhere: there is no limit to the creativity of fans throughout the world, and we would all be thrilled to read about the fan history you’ve experienced.

For those wanting to discover the site, you can look over the sitemap, choose a random page, or sign up to its “new page” feed. At Fanlore, the possibilities are endless and community is key!

If you want to help edit Fanlore, create an account today. If you’re already familiar with Fanlore and want to take your passion and commitment to fan history to the next level, you could consider becoming a Fanlore Gardener.

Like all of the OTW’s projects, Fanlore relies on financial support from fans. If you enjoy using Fanlore, please consider making a donation.

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