October Drive: Show Us Your Swag!

Love your OTW bag? Take your OTW thermos to work every day? Wear your OTW button proudly? We love it when you show your support for the OTW through word of mouth and donations, and we want to see you sporting your swag!

We’re still running our annual October Drive, and this year we’re showing off your swag style through a gallery of OTW stuff snapped by OTW staffers, volunteers, and members! Check ’em out below!

We love to see the OTW logo in the wild — it’s a signal to other fans that you’re a fan of our mission and projects, and an opportunity to tell non-fans that you support our aims — a conversation starter, in all the best ways. Whether you’ve chosen to receive a premium with a donation or grabbed a sticker or button from a giveaway table at a convention, we’d like to see it!

The best part: if you submit a photo to add to our gallery, we’ll snail mail you a temporary tattoo in the shape of the Archive of Our Own kudos symbol! Check out the example below. Email an image to devmem [at] transformativeworks.org or photo-reply on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal or Dreamwidth and we’ll work our the details!

Black and white photo showing woman with face out of frame, raising arm with AO3 kudos temporary tattoo displayed on bicep.

Color photo of OTW logo button against a cloth field. Color photo of OTW tote bag resting on a counter directly in front of a display of doujinshi on shelves.

Color photo of OTW thermos in the foreground, sitting on a roadside next to a small stand of yellow wildflowers. Color photo of OTW ceramic diner mug sitting in shadow on balcony railing, with sunlit trees in the background.

Color photo of OTW tote bag on the seat of an upholstered dining chair. Color photo of OTW thermos shown outdoors, standing on bare ground with a tall, heavily graffittied concrete wall in the background.

Color photo of OTW thermos sitting on concrete paving stones. The thermos is reflected in a slightly distorted standing mirrored surface. Color photo of OTW nylon carryall carried by a person wearing high heels, showing only their hand and legs. There are office cabinets in the background.

Color photo of sandy beach with OTW thermos resting on a beach towel. A lake or sea is in the background, with waves cresting. Color photo of a woman drinking from an OTW diner mug. The background is a room lined with bookshelves crowded with media.

Color photo of OTW nylon carryall sitting in a corner on the floor in front of a bank of small lockers. OTW ceramic diner mug shown in a color photo, dominating the frame, sitting on a kitchen counter surface.

Color photo of one black laptop and one red laptop with OTW stickers on the covers. Color photo of one a woman at a cafe with an OTW backpack next to her.


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