October Drive – Results! \o/

We’ve nearly recovered from the whirlwind of our October 2010 drive — but the excitement isn’t over, because now we have results to share!

Thanks to you, our members, donors, supporters, and volunteers, during the official week of fundraising we raised US$18,308.46. Even after the drive our posts were still reaching new donors: by the end of October we raised US$21,143.46.

That’s amazing. That’s your posts in action, your goodwill, your belief in our mission: providing access to and preserving the history of fanworks and fan cultures. Our works, our cultures, our voices. Our servers, our software, our archive, our wiki, our journal, our legal advocacy, our OTW.

Your OTW.

Our donation drive season is over for 2010, but we always welcome your donations, your time, and your feedback. Thank you again, from all of us.


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