October Drive – Celebrating Transformative Works and Cultures!

There are a lot of reasons Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC), the OTW’s international, peer-reviewed academic journal, is worth supporting. First is its role as a home for rigorous examination of transformative works. Published twice a year, TWC explores fanworks, fans, and media studies through diverse lenses and critical approaches. The journal alternates between one themed issue and one general issue each year. The editorial board is comprised of scholars who are engaged in some of the most innovative and engaging work in the field. And the work it publishes is thought-provoking and scholarly.

But TWC is more than this. It pushes the boundaries of what an academic journal can be in the best of ways. In addition to the academic papers and reviews common to journals, TWC also features a Symposium where critical voices can engage transformative works through forms beyond the traditional academic paper, drawing on personal essays and fannish meta. In this spirit, in 2010, TWC launched the Symposium blog to keep the Symposium discussion going on a weekly basis.

TWC embraces the principles of Open Scholarship, which is a movement that supports the idea that research, scholarship, and human knowledge in general are best served by the open sharing of ideas. Towards these aims, TWC is available freely online. It is published under a Creative Commons Attribution—Noncommercial 3.0 license and is a Gold Open Access publication.

Keep an eye on the TWC announcements page to see what’s coming up. In addition to general issues that will cover a variety of topics, the future promises themed issues on race and ethnicity in fandom, fan activism, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and fan/remix video. Check out the archive including this year’s Supernatural-themed issue and the current general issue. And if you’re so inclined, consider submitting your work to the journal.

You can support projects like Transformative Works and Cultures by becoming an OTW member or donating today!

Spotlight, Transformative Works and Cultures

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