October Drive – Celebrating our supporters!

There are less than 48 hours left in our October Drive! Cool fact: so far, we have 228 donors from 17 countries! We’re gratified by all you’ve done to help us to make this drive a success. If you haven’t joined or donated yet, you can do so here, and get some cool stuff, too. But donating isn’t the only way you can help: you can talk us up, introduce us to your friends, and spread the word about the OTW. You are our star recruiters, and your experience with everything the OTW can do for fans (and for the world!) is the most convincing testimony.

These fans have given us permission to link to the posts they’ve made promoting the drive and supporting the OTW. If you’ve posted something similar and would like to share, leave us a comment with a link!

rossetti: Fans and fanworks exist. And they exist in a long, literary, remixy creative tradition.
celli: go OTW!
devildoll: OTW Happenings
aethel: Fanlore and the Organization for Transformative Works
kate: News of the OTW
juniperphoenix: OTW membership drive and election
franzeska: Cons, Fandom Involvement, and Why You Should Join the OTW
velveteenrabbi: Supporting transformative works
alexandrakingsley: Fan culture and the transformation of everything
astolat: vid embedding and AO3! and OTW!
renay: Why should Final Fantasy fans care about OTW, anyway? (Because we’re awesome.)
justira: This is fanwork; this is fan WORK; fandom is my fandom.
starlady: OTW drive! With a Matching Grant!
akamine-chan: the otw
Rebecca Tushnet: Organization for Transformative Works fundraising drive
sage: random bits and pieces
rivkat: In which I use many exclamation points
kass: The OTW, Which I Dig
erda: It’s October
cesperanza: Weak for a Good Cause
zooey-glass: OMG OTW YEAY!
tanaqui: OTW October Donations Drive and First Contested Elections
minervacat: [yes, you!]
DarkEmeralds: Why I Contribute Cashy Money to the OTW
Natacha Guyot: Pourquoi je soutiens l’OTW | Why I support the OTW
lian: that org I volunteer for. you know.
watersword: i live in a hall of mirrors
Elizabeth Yalkut: October 2010: this is an awesome place
allison morris: i just want to stick them all under my ribcage.
juniperphoenix: Inspiring OTW supporters are inspiring

  1. DarkEmeralds commented:

    Why I Contribute Cashy Money to the OTW, By DarkEmeralds.

    I love you guys. ♥

    • allison morris commented:

      thank you!

  2. Elizabeth Yalkut commented:

    The DW post is up! See, a, I told you I’d finish it — http://ey.dreamwidth.org/1464.html, and the post on A Very Uncommon Cook will be done tomorrow.