October Drive – Celebrating our Legal Advocacy

2010 has been a banner year for the OTW’s Legal team, most notably for their role in securing a Digital Millenium Copyright Act exemption for noncommercial video remixers including vidders, anime music video makers, and makers of documentary films. Before this ruling, only film professors were given an exemption from the DMCA’s prohibition against DVD ripping.

This expanded exemption is emblematic of the work of the OTW legal team and the OTW’s commitment to legal advocacy for fans and fanworks by supporting fair use and communicating the message that fanworks are creative, transformative, and have cultural value. Your financial backing of the OTW supports these legal efforts and more. It makes the statement that fanworks and fan creativity matter.

Help us continue to provide a legal voice for fandom by supporting the OTW!

Legal Advocacy, Spotlight

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