The October Drive Is Almost Over!

We’re nearing the end of our October Drive! You only have a few hours left to become an OTW member in time to vote in our November Board Election.

And while it’s not over quite yet we’re ecstatic to report that 337 people have started or renewed their OTW membership since the drive started — and of those, 130 were completely new members! That brings our total existing membership to 823 people from 28 countries. Fantastic!

To celebrate, we’re giving everyone a chance to spread the word and receive a prize. After writing a Yay OTW post for our March Drive, Cecilia Tan generously gave us signed copies of two of her Magic University books, The Siren and the Sword and The Tower and the Tears. We will happily send those books to a randomly chosen person who retweets this @OTW_news tweet in the next four hours. No donation required!

We’ll be back tomorrow with an October Drive Wrap-up!


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