October 2020 Newsletter, Volume 151


The OTW’s October Membership Drive, “Growing Together”, was a success! This Drive was unique in that it did not focus on a monetary goal but instead encouraged donors to become members of the OTW or renew their OTW memberships, which will allow them to vote in the next OTW Board of Directors election in August. Thanks to the Drive, 2660 new members across 69 countries were registered, raising a total of US$89,688.51 for the OTW. Thanks so much to everyone who donated and signal boosted! The Drive was coordinated by Development & Membership and advertised as news posts with help from Communications, while Translation made Drive posts accessible in 30 languages.

Fanlore‘s social media presence in October featured an unofficial anime theme, with posts discussing anime topics and including related graphics, and received a great response! The Fanlore Committee is now gearing up to celebrate its next milestone–1 million edits–within the next couple of months.

Communications is preparing for several upcoming events as well, including International Volunteer Day in December, International Fanworks Day in February, and an AO3 milestone of 3 million registered users within the next several months. Stay tuned for more on these celebrations!


Open Doors announced the upcoming import of DoyleCordy, an Angel: the Series archive. Whether you’re a creator from this Yahoo Group or just an Angel: the Series reader, check out the import announcement for more information about the move, and keep an eye on the new AO3 collection where imported works will be listed!

Policy & Abuse had received 1200 tickets in October at the time of this writing, and Support received 1200 tickets in September, a full 10% of which involved translation of non-English tickets by the Translation committee. In September, Tag Wrangling handled more than 351,000 tags across more than 39,400 fandoms.


In addition to their recent celebrations, Fanlore has also just finished a major overhaul of and update to their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)! This handy page can answer any burning question you might have about Fanlore, from the best way to get started as an editor to what kind of content can be put on Fanlore and more.

At the very end of September, Legal submitted comments to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee in connection with a hearing on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. These comments followed up and supported earlier conversations and testimony that the OTW has provided to the House and Senate in connection with legislative review of the history and effectiveness of the DMCA. In October, Legal joined allies in sending letters to Congress opposing U.S. legislative proposals that would have harmed online free expression and fan interests.

Systems is in the process of ordering another rack in one of their data centers, which will let them continue to expand our server capacity and give them better failure tolerance.


From 24 September to 24 October, Volunteers & Recruiting received 174 new requests, and completed 170, leaving us with 23 open requests (including induction and removal tasks listed below).

As of 24 October, the OTW has 894 volunteers. \o/ Recent personnel movements are listed below.

New Committee Staff: 1 Communications staffer, Vinita Eggers (Finance) and 3 other Finance staffers, Tei and Eliette (Policy & Abuse) and 1 other Policy & Abuse staffer, Sam L (Fanlore) and 7 other Fanlore staffers

New Open Doors Volunteers: karatam, Paul Helling, and 2 other Open Doors volunteers

New Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Antinomy Citron, Ashlet, Aster, byecroft, Ceme, centreoftheselights, Char Lee, chronoshift, Colercw, Dan L, Eliza Hunt, Erin M, hanna_yuki, Harold Liu, HimC, itsmyusualweeb, jdsummers, jochi, Kandy, Kuh, ladra, ladymarianor, Laixi, Lia S, Loxaris, lyssy_marie, Mags, MickyRC, Moony, nivosity, Nyx, Petunia, pickledragon, raining_kittens, Roissy, Roland, snberry, Sofia, sub_etheric, timetravelingkayak, trashchancellor, Varsha, Yuan and 1 other volunteer

Departing Directors: Claire P. Baker, Danielle Strong, Jessie Casiulis

Departing Committee Chairs: Amy Shepard (Strategic Planning)

Departing Committee Staff: 1 AO3 Documentation staffer, Amy Shepard (Strategic Planning), doughtier (Tag Wrangling)

Departing Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Fricklefracklefandomackles and 17 other volunteers

Departing Translation Volunteers: Beyza G., Ciezuru, Fransiska Andita, Gwen Ngo, Hala Yosef, LaStellaBianca, Maryia Ambrazhey, Natasa Maric, Paralelsky, prada, Spencer, Winchester1989 and 2 other volunteers

For more information about the purview of our committees, please access the committee listing on our website.


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