November 2023 Newsletter, Volume 184


The new Board members are settling in nicely and have held the first public meeting of this term. They’ve begun answering non-live questions in their public Discord, and minutes for this meeting will be available soon on the OTW website.

In addition, our organizational culture firm has completed its initial survey and is interviewing volunteers. Relatedly, Strategic Planning has been working with Volunteers & Recruiting on a guide to inclusive recruiting practices to share with committees as part of the Recruitment strategic goal.


Open Doors completed imports of What Makes the Desert Beautiful, a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation fanfiction archive focused on the Nick and Greg slash pairing, and The ARC, a fanfiction archive for the TV series Primeval.

Accessibility, Design, & Technology deployed their latest release, which focused on improvements to downloads, including how PDFs are generated. Relatedly, Systems resolved some issues with download errors and made fixes to their internal monitoring. Systems’ work towards Debian Bookworm continues; some internal systems are already running it, and some parts of AO3 are expected to be running it soon. Systems also introduced some new tooling to the OTW’s Infrastructure as Code setup – the Archive’s Cloudflare configuration is now maintained using Terraform, which makes it safer to test and deploy new rules!

In October, Policy & Abuse received 1965 tickets, while Support had a total of 1994 tickets. Support’s monthly totals continue to decline slightly, but they are still getting quite a bit more messages monthly than the usual average. They continue to work on digging out from the backlog of tickets and appreciate your patience!

Elsewhere, Tag Wrangling began testing the new procedures for updating canonical tags that are not associated with any specific fandom, which hopefully will begin to reduce the backlog of support requests related to such tags. They wrangled more than 470,000 tags in more than 61,000 fandoms, which works out to more than 1,100 per active wrangler!


This month, Fanlore has been updating their Tumblr layout and reviewing engagement for the last year, while Translation brought their side of the membership drive to a close with 28 participating teams. Communications is testing an OTW News by email service, which we hope to provide in different languages.

November was a very full month for Legal! This month, Legal dealt with a large number of overreaching and invalid DMCA takedown notices that had been sent to Bing. These notices resulted in a number of pages being delisted from Bing without legal justification, which made it harder for Bing users to find material on the AO3. Legal is working on longer term solutions to keep this sort of thing from happening. Legal also responded to a number of user queries regarding copyright and trademark issues surrounding fanworks.


Finance filed the 2022 tax return and are in the process of finalizing the 2022 audit. Filing and reports will be available on the website soon.

Also, Development and Membership was at Y/Con in Paris in November! One Fanlore volunteer was there talking about fanfiction and online communities. Check out our social media accounts for photos – or tag us if you were there! Next up: getting ready for the 2024 event season.


From 23 October to 24 November, Volunteers & Recruiting received 183 new requests, and completed 164, leaving us with 75 open requests (including induction and removal tasks listed below).

As of 24 November 2023, the OTW has 897 volunteers. \o/ Recent personnel movements are listed below.

New Directors: Anh Pham (President) and Zixin Zhang (Secretary)
New Committee Chairs: Alex Johnson (Strategic Planning), cosette (Webs), dazyndara (Board Assistants Team), Paula (Support), and therealmorticia (Board Assistants Team)
New AO3 Documentation Volunteers: Fiona (Chair Trainee) and telescopicpoems (Chair Trainee)
New Communications Volunteers: Eskici (Recruitment, Training & Documentation Assistant)
New Development & Membership Volunteers: 1 Membership Data Specialist
New Open Doors Volunteers: 1 Import Assistant
New Systems Volunteers: Brian Austin (Systems Volunteer) and C. Ryan Smith (Systems Volunteer)
New Translation Volunteers: AndreaK, Joohee Lee, Junij, Marte Bergundhaugen, Nachali, Reilly, Sil, Teelee, Zara Miller, and 6 other Translators
New TWC Volunteers: Khaliah Reed, and 2 Symposium Editors

Departing Committee Chairs: Ridicully (Webs)
Departing Communications Volunteers: Eskici (Chair Assistant role only)
Departing Fanlore Volunteers: 5 Social Media & Outreach Volunteers
Departing Open Doors Volunteers: 2 Technical Volunteers and 2 Import Assistants
Departing Policy & Abuse Volunteers: 1 Volunteer
Departing Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Birdie, El, equestrianstatue, Fern, Fu, Sanctuaria, and 19 other Tag Wranglers
Departing Translation Volunteers: Åse, Cel, Dan Ph, Monica Gomez, Sara N, and 6 other Translators

For more information about the purview of our committees, please access the committee listing on our website.


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