November 2022 Newsletter, Volume 173


In November, Open Doors completed the imports of By Your Command, a Battlestar Galactica archive, and The Pony Fiction Archive, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic archive. It also announced the upcoming imports of Slashknot, a Slipknot (band) LiveJournal community, and The LeBeau Library, an X-Men fanfiction archive. Stay tuned at the beginning of 2023 for a roundup of all the imports Open Doors has completed in the past calendar year!


Accessibility, Design & Technology posted release notes detailing a whopping 55 issues resolved over four deploys from August through November. Meanwhile, Support worked on refreshing its internal documentation and procedures, while Policy & Abuse (which received over 1,400 tickets in November, a slight increase from October) began transitioning to several new tools.

In October, tag wranglers handled more than 440,000 tags across more than 53,000 fandoms—about 950 tags per wrangler.


November was a busy month for Communications, who published the 2021 Annual Report and began investigating alternatives to Pinboard to use to bookmark OTW news posts. Communications also released a post reminding users about official vs. unofficial OTW social media accounts, particularly in light of the recent issues with Twitter.

Finance filed the OTW’s 2021 tax return and began wrapping up the last details of the 2021 audit report, which will be issued soon. Both will be uploaded to the OTW website when everything has been finalized!

Systems continued to work on some hardware issues (the servers are extra needy recently, but we still love them regardless), SQL-related changes, and cross-committee work with Fanlore and others.

To provide all OTW volunteers with a low-pressure opportunity to drop any roles they wish to leave before the next calendar year, Volunteers & Recruiting conducted the annual Still Willing To Serve check in for a number of committees and worked with committees like Tag Wrangling and Translation who were conducting their own. Volunteers & Recruiting also continued to work on implementing several new tools for cross-committee usage.


From 23 October to 25 November, Volunteers & Recruiting received 241 new requests, and completed 268, leaving us with 32 open requests (including induction and removal tasks listed below).

As of 25 November 2022, the OTW has 945 volunteers. \o/ Recent personnel movements are listed below.

New AO3 Documentation Volunteers: Jacks, Michelle Artbear, Polynya, Synnie, 2 other Editors
New Open Doors Volunteers: Alecto Gaia & 2 other Import Assistants
New Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Aceto_Shiobana, Alix, Allíster, Amanda Triplett, Anisha, Art, Bagel, Cabbage, Calico, CCocito, Charls, copacet, Cthulu, Derpinaz, Divia, ElleC, ginkgofan, Glitch, hematophage, hheyhalley, itsoverfeeling, Ity, Itze, Lixia, Luhba, Lyf, LyzS, Maven Morozov, Miru, Nandor, Nataliya, Noelia, Novae, Rook, Sanctuaria, Selly, Sijing, Slumber, Spri, Suji, Synth, Tay’haai, Toriceratops, Vyslanté, Zero, Ziskandra and 1 other
New Translation Volunteers: J_Choi, Kristina Lihan, Sheherezade
New TWC Volunteers: 1 Copyeditor
New Volunteers & Recruiting Volunteers: Natalia Gruber (Tool Implementation Lead)

Departing Directors: Jess White
Departing Committee Chairs: VSSAKJ (Tag Wrangling), Matty (PAC), Lady Oscar (QA&T Lead)
Departing AD&T Volunteers: 1 Senior Coding Volunteer
Departing AD&T QA&T Volunteers: 1
Departing Communications Volunteers: Jess White (Chair Track and Event Coordinator Volunteer), 1 Graphics Volunteer, 1 Fanhackers Volunteer, 1 Site Moderator
Departing Elections Volunteers: 1 Team Coordinator, 4 Communications Specialists, 1 Public Relations Specialist
Departing Fanlore Volunteers: Kairen (Policy & Admin), 1 Policy & Admin, 2 Graphic Designers
Departing Open Doors Volunteers: eliotjay (Admin Volunteer), 1 Import Assistant
Departing Policy & Abuse Volunteers: Azarias & 1 other
Departing Support Volunteers: Belen & 6 others
Departing Systems Volunteers: 1
Departing Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Giles, Jody, serkestic & 11 others
Departing Translation Volunteers: Dan L, Mallorn, Mohini, Prerna A. Popat, Rhea, Sammi Lee, Shivani Kadam, Sofia, & 6 others
Departing TWC Volunteers: Katherine E. Morrissey (Review Editor), Louisa Stein (Review Editor)
Departing Volunteers & Recruiting Volunteers: 1
Departing Webs Volunteers: 1

For more information about the purview of our committees, please access the committee listing on our website.


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