November 2011 Newsletter, Volume 55

Welcome to our last newsletter of 2011! Read about our Willing to Serve drive, the upcoming Board transition, and the latest news from AO3, Fanlore, and TWC under the cut.

Willing to Serve Drive

Ever thought about volunteering for the OTW? Our annual Willing to Serve drive is a great time to get involved. Check out the OTW committee descriptions and fill out our volunteer interest form if anything piques your interest! Our post on volunteering, roles, and involvement levels offers more information about the kinds of positions that are available.

Many thanks to Volunteers & Recruiting for organizing this effort, and to all the committees for contributing information about their work.

Board Election and Transition

OTW members elected Julia Beck, Naomi Novik, Nikisha Sanders, and Jenny Scott-Thompson to the Board of Directors in an election held November 16-18. They will join returning Board members Francesca Coppa, Ira Gladkova, and Kristen Murphy on the 2012 board, as we bid a grateful farewell to departing members Rachel Barenblat, Hele Braunstein, Sheila Lane, and Allison Morris.

The newly elected Board members will take office on December 9. Until then, they are “shadowing” the current Board by attending Board meetings and participating in discussions. This overlap period is an opportunity for the new Board members to familiarize themselves with procedures and issues and ask questions, while the standing board passes on information, visions, goals, and issues.

Archive of Our Own

The Tag Wrangling committee is polling the tag wrangling volunteers about possible improvements to the wrangling interface so the committee can work with AD&T to make tag wrangling even better. Freeform captains Laylah and Xparrot held an informative internal training session on how to wrangle freeform/additional tags, and the committee also worked with our Support liaison, Sam Johnsson, to create better liaison documentation to keep tag-related tickets flowing smoothly.

Accessibility, Design, and Technology (AD&T) have been prioritizing development goals for the rest of 2011; you can read about this and more AD&T news in the most recent AD&T meeting notes.


Fanlore now has a Twitter account! You can find informal news updates at fanlore_news. Feel free to tweet at us your concerns, thoughts, and suggestions.

The Systems committee recently installed Squid (a caching proxy) on Fanlore’s server to help the site run faster.

Also this month, the Wiki committee sought feedback on an addition to the Image Policy FAQ, which has now been implemented.

Transformative Works and Cultures

The Journal committee released a special guest-edited double issue of TWC (No. 8, Race & Ethnicity in Fandom, and Textual Echoes) on November 15, 2011, its third issue of the year (usually we do two!). We are already looking ahead to the third issue of 2012 while 2012’s first two issues chug through production. The Symposium Blog team continues posting awesome thinkiness (and the team is always looking for guest writers!).

Staffing News

New staffers and volunteers: We welcomed tuff_ghost, euoi, and Neery to the coding team, astirya to Systems, and Heather Whitney to Abuse. CrunchySalad, des, Elizabeth McCollum, tai, Ridicully, Rodo, jiele, Sashataakheru, Sera Tran, Kim McGreal, and Lisa Burscheidt all joined the tag wrangling volunteers, while Tari (Korean), Paulina Bo┼╝ek (Polish), natycuac (Spanish), vlausch (German and Russian), and Sofie (Swedish) signed up for the translator team. Agnieszka, CrunchySalad, linbot, metaphasia, Therese M, Makioka, and metagnat become tester volunteers. Megan Sumerell and sprat joined Volunteers & Recruiting, and havocthecat returned from hiatus.

Departing staffers and volunteers: We bid farewell to Amy Wilson from the tag wrangling volunteers, and thank her for her work; Amy will continue to work in the Wiki Committee.

Thanks for reading! This is the final newsletter of 2011. Most OTW staff and volunteers will take a short break beginning December 16, and we’ll return in mid-January to kick off the 2012 term. If you have suggestions about how we can improve the newsletter in the coming year, we’d love to hear from you — please contact the Communications committee.


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