News from the Break

The OTW has formally been on haitus for much of this month as we reconstitute ourselves for the 2010 term. But of course, “on haitus” doesn’t mean “shut down”–some of us can’t leave (OH HAI POOR SYSADMINS), some of us don’t leave (the Board and VolCom have to put the org back together again!), and some of us really should take a well deserved break but can’t help but add a bit–more–code–!! (You know who you are.)

In our next newsletter, you’ll meet the new committees and hear about what they’ve got planned for 2010. But for now: a few words from your favorite workaholics…


The Board has been working with Volcom on re-staffing and reorganizing as well as setting goals for 2010! We have also begun working on our (third!) annual report.


Accessibility, Design and Technology have been pretending to take time off and sekritly doing a bit of coding, testing and deploying with a bit of designing on the side. The Support team is in full operation although we are pleased to note we’re not getting quite as many requests in the last couple of weeks. For the curious, in the last 70 days we’ve received 1256 Support requests and have closed all but 93 of them. *pets incredibly hard working Support team*

Some helpful Archive members have created the unofficial Archive of Our Own Collections Promotion LiveJournal community, which is a place for people from the Archive to promote their collections and challenges, and keep informed of new ones that pop up. We think it’s pretty neat 🙂

Our new chair is simultaneously finalising her PhD and the 2010 AD&T committee composition and we look forward to starting the new term off in her excellent hands.


FinCom is planning weddings, catching up on Criminal Minds, and getting ready for the multitude of filings and reports due in the first part of the year! We are crunching numbers so hard, they’re going to need a chiropractor when we’re done with them.


The Webmasters spent the break installing a new comment notification module for the OTW blog — we can haz full-text notifications! — and implementing changes to our user accounts policy. Our recent post on website accounts and comment notifications describes these changes in more detail. We are excited to welcome some new committee members and are currently working on a training plan for them.


Systems never sleeps! Over break we deployed on the archive servers and tweaked the servers to assist with Yuletide madness, broke RT then fixed it, purged the mailing list archives, added server monitoring and pretty stats gathering, migrated the volcom database, upgraded drupal core, and assisted with volunteer changeovers, along with handling the usual crises. Happy new decade to all!


Translation has undergone cell division and branched out into the brand-new International Outreach committee, which is taking shape as you read this (and still open for applicants, if you’re interested!).


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