New Fan Video Project Pages!

Following our previously outlined roadmap, the OTW is proud to be hosting a number of new resources for fan video makers. These new Fan Video and Multimedia pages include:

There are also resources for scholars interested in fan video, including a Bibliography of Fan Video and a Fan Works Style Guide which will tell you how to cite fan vids (and other fan works) in academic contexts. You can also find our extant Vidding Projects – the Oral History Project, the Test Suite of Fair Use Vids, and Vidding (2008), a documentary produced by the OTW for MIT’s New Media Literacy project – linked from this page.

We’d like to give particular shout-outs to TWC editor Karen Hellekson, Vidding volunteers Laura Shapiro, Tisha Turk, Nele Noppe, and Margie, and International Outreach team member Natacha Guyot for work above and beyond the call of duty on these pages. Thank you!

Technology – and the culture surrounding it – moves very fast. If you can help us improve or update these resource pages, or want to suggest and work on new ones – please contact us.

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