More fannish disruptions and closures

The OTW has been told that is removing fanfic written for the HBO show True Blood; we have given Archive of Our Own codes to the writers who contacted us and want to remind fandom at large that right now, most people who sign up for an account get one within 48 hours. Please spread the word if you have connections in True Blood fandom – and of course all fandoms are welcome! (We currently have 5,352!)

We also are sorry for those fans who lost their accounts when, a WordPress hosting site with over 70,000 blogs, shut down. BurstNet, the web hosting company who own the servers, say that they shut down the site after receiving ‘a notice of a critical nature from law enforcement officials’. The BBC and C-Net report that the shutdown was due to terrorist-related activity on Blogetry involving possible links to al-Qaeda.

While the nature of the material posted on Blogetry makes it understandable that BurstNet shold take immediate action, this has left the great bulk of users not knowing when or if they’ll regain access to their accounts.

If you or someone you know hosted fanfic on Blogetry, please consider hosting or backing up your work at the Archive of Our Own; again, most people who join the queue get accounts within 48 hours.

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  1. msilverstar commented:

    The name of the show is True Blood (cf ).

    • fcoppa commented:

      Sorry about that! True Blood is the show; Tru Blood is the drink; Tru Calling is something else entirely. :)

  2. Dark Emeralds commented:

    While it’s disturbing that these things are happening that directly or inadvertently affect fandom, it is JUST AWESOME the way you keep us apprised of it. Thank you for all the good work you do.

    • fcoppa commented:

      You’re welcome! And fwiw, we will signal boost things we hear about, so please tell us things or encourage others to tell us things that fandom should know!

  3. marianas commented:

    Were you told why the True Blood fic is being pulled. I’m curious to know.

    • fcoppa commented:

      The report didn’t come to me; we had a bunch of True Blood writers requesting archive invites because of deletions. I would imagine, based on the show, that the fic violated their policies on explicitness; even True Blood gen would be pretty explicit!

  4. Michelle commented:

    Chiming in with the “why”. I’m also curious:) There’s no notice on (which doesn’t say much, they’re not the most open about sharing info after all) and the TB category looks well populated to me.

    • Margaret commented:

      Apparently they felt the writers were writing too mature even in the mature category. ? I have seen some of the stories change when I have re-them, edited down to fluff. It really is a shame. To me mature means mature.

      • fcoppa commented:

        This is what we heard also.

      • Michelle commented:

        Thanks for clearing that up!