A Message from Sandy Herrold’s Partner

After we announced the successful matching grant in Sandy Herrold’s name we received this note from her partner Brie Gyncild. Now that we’ve wiped away our tears, we are reposting with her permission, to pass the message on to our community.

Hey there, I’m Sandy’s partner.

I heard about the matching grant in Sandy’s name, and since I don’t know who donated the money (or all the other donations that were made in Sandy’s honor), I’ll ask you to pass on my gratitude. Sandy was deeply excited and passionate about OTW and the Archive of Our Own. In the weeks preceding her death, we talked a lot about how to make sure the archive got money. She decided that the most effective thing to do would be to list it as one of the organizations people could give to in her memory. I don’t think she expected gifts so large – but she also underestimated her importance to the fannish community and to the world in general. I am thrilled that OTW is receiving generous donations, period – but even moreso that Sandy’s memory has something to do with it.

On a metaphysical note, I’ve been feeling Sandy’s presence very strongly in the house today, so I read her the blog posts about the grant. I know she’s thrilled, too.

Thank you for the good work you’re all doing.

Brie Gyncild


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