March Drive – Spotlight On Fanlore!

Our fannish wiki project, Fanlore, is both fun and useful! Allow us to demonstrate:

Ever gafiated because your fanpair couldn’t understand that trickyfish would never pass the broccoli test? Ever have a BNF brit-pick your Pros curtainfic only to declare that you’d been totally fanonJossed by the hivemind? Ever suspected a profic of being a fusion from your gateway fandom with the serial numbers filed off by a flounced BOFQ? Ever had your AMTDI badfic kripked so that you had to fridge your Mary Sue, then during machete beta realized you’re circling the id vortex? Ever had your C6D PWP hit someone’s embarrassment squick, and regretfully offered them brain bleach? Ever been flamed for saying someone’s BSO has too much manpain to be a GQMF based on fannish osmosis? Ever made Paul Gross arms because FIAWOL? Ever followed your BFF’s fannish drift into WNGWJLEO tinhat territory, only to find yourself in a kerfluffle in which lurkers support you in email after Snacky’s law goes into effect, then declared FIJAGH? Ever realized the little black dress in your vampire AU GSF is suffering from a bad case of zombie hand?

Well, luckily Fanlore is at the ready, and we can all avoid disaster!

Support the OTW, and enrich fandom’s vocabulary of experiences.

Fanlore, Spotlight
  1. Cesy commented:

    Hehehehehe. That was brilliant.

  2. Kristen Murphy commented:

    That was beautiful. *applauds*

  3. Margaret commented:

    I understood that. I feel weird.

  4. DarkEmeralds commented:

    This was great. I learned a lot about fandom, and I learned a lot about Fanlore. Thank you!

  5. Maia commented: