March Drive – Spotlight On the AO3!

This is the post where we explain everything that is amazing, inspiring, and necessary about the Archive of Our Own.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up: An open source project, designed by fans, for fans! Noncommercial and nonprofit, supported by an organization — the OTW, you may have heard of them — ready to advocate for the fanfiction and other fanworks housed there! An archive designed from the start to accommodate the needs of fandom, designed for accessibility, for diversity, and for growth and flexibility! Collections, challenges, user-determined privacy settings, comments, bookmarks, tags! Icons coming literally any moment now! Open beta! Yuletide!

This is an inspiring, galvanizing project. It’s a dream we’re making real, making it ourselves, together. Teaching each other skills, learning together, boosting one another up to the next level as we go. The AO3 project runs on the sheer determination and boundless energy of volunteers: coding, testing, tag wrangling! Another shoulder at the wheel is always welcome — you don’t need any qualifications other than a desire to learn and to help! Drop a line to the Volunteers Committee to join us.

The AO3 doesn’t just run on fannish energy. It also runs on servers. Which we now own! \o/ And which we pay to maintain, to power, to house. We also need to plan for expansion and growth: more users, more fanworks, more kinds of fanworks. Donate and keep the AO3 humming along, while we keep making it better, faster, stronger.

Archive of Our Own, Spotlight

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