March Drive – New Premium!

It’s that time! Time for a new drive premium!

OTW Bottle OTW Sticker OTW Bottle OTW Sticker OTW Bottle

The OTW, as you may know, is committed to keeping our donors hydrated. Well, maybe not committed, as such, but not standing in anyone’s way. And definitely interested in offering donors at levels of US$100 and above a swanky bottle to fill with their beverage of choice. This time, it’s a 24 oz. capacity stainless steel water bottle, in a lovely white finish, bedecked with the OTW logo in an ever-stylish and striking red. It’s kind of ridiculously sexy, too, with an easy to grip shape and well-fitted screw-on cap. If you find that sort of thing sexy, that is. We won’t judge you!

We’re still offering a packet of OTW stickers and iron-ons, both useful for transforming your non-OTW related possessions, at a donation level of US$50, and you can opt to get everything — stickers, iron-ons, and water bottle — for any donation at or above US$120. We ship donation premiums all over the world. In fact, our premiums-shipping volunteer has been known to particularly enjoy sending packages internationally. We don’t judge her, either.

In other news of useful things that you may want to make grabby hands at, we would like to direct your attention to the search bar plugin that resourceful Archive of Our Own user Punk has created! You can now search the AO3 on the whimsy of the moment, going directly to your search results. If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer 8, you can download the plugin from this page on — just click the link that says “Archive of Our Own” and answer yes when prompted by the dialogue box. Punk has also pointed out that there’s a Fanlore version created by Loren Leah that can be downloaded from as well!

OTW Bottle OTW Sticker OTW Bottle OTW Sticker OTW Bottle
  1. Maia commented: Well, maybe not committed, as such, but not standing in anyone's way. Supporting the OTW! Maybe! Well hydrated support makes all the difference :)
  2. Cesy commented: Oooh, cool search tools.
  3. julia_beck commented: Oh, I love those search plugins <3 my thanks to the creators!
  4. Loren commented: Aw, I wondered if anyone would ever notice my little search plugin, lol. I made it for myself more than anything. Hope it's useful to some folks, though!
    • allison morris commented: it's terrific! thank you for making it.