March 2013 Newsletter, Volume 67

For more information about the purview of our committees, please see the committee listing on our website.


The Survey workgroup, together with Communications, compiled and released the OTW’s 2012 Community Survey Report. The 183 page report contained information from all 89 survey questions and cross-tabulated results. There were 5,895 people who provided feedback about their use of our projects and awareness of our activities. The OTW wants to thank everyone who gave their time and feedback!

Journal had a big month as well. The reboot of the Symposium blog – now called Fanhackers – launched after months of hard work. It went live on March 1 with the help of Systems, Webmasters, and Legal. On March 15, Journal released Issue 12 of Transformative Works and Culture, a guest edited issue on Boys’ Love. Co-editors Karen and Kristina also represented the OTW and Journal at academic conferences in March, where they presented on panels and solicited work for future issues.

Some important AO3-related documents have also been in the works. Cross-committee discussions took place over the last few months resulting in a new version of the AO3 Roadmap. And Content Policy hosted a two-week feedback period on the fandom nonfiction proposal, which will now be revised and submitted for Board approval.


Wiki and Accessibility, Design and Technology have been preparing for our annual April Showers event, which highlights a different fandom each day. The challenge invites users to post their fanworks or contribute to articles on Fanlore. They will be blogging daily on Tumblr and tweeting about the event throughout the month.

AD&T has also been documenting their staff and volunteer roles and are finishing up the required documents for Quality Assurance & Testing in preparation for recruiting. They’ve also been preparing for the next code deploy, which is going to be an attention-getter for AO3 users since it will involve a new front page and header bar. They are also already preparing for the following deploy, which will be an upgrade to the Rails software.

Tag Wrangling has also worked with AD&T, testing some wrangling-related features coming out in the next Archive deploy, and dealing with bugs in the wrangling system. They’ve also been busy revising their training plan, policies and documents to prepare for recruiting new wranglers.

Open Doors has mainly been working on documentation this month, setting their sights on import testing. On the Fan Culture Preservation Project front, Jeremy Brett (archivist) will be presenting his paper, Good Practices and Recommendations for Archivists Working with Fannish Materials, at the Eaton Science Fiction Conference on April 12. It’s been great to have been a part of his project and the OTW hopes it will lead to more widespread understanding of fan collections in the future.

Strategic Planning‘s second report, on the Volunteers & Recruiting Committee, is currently being reviewed by the Board, and they plan to send their third report (on Open Doors) to the Board for review by the middle of April. They are also working on the report for the Wiki Committee and Fanlore, and putting together the first survey for Translation.

Finally, Development & Membership has been busy preparing for our upcoming membership drive, which will be held April 3-9.


Abuse saw the first case where they called on Translation for help with a plagiarism question. In this case, neither work was in English, so the help of Translation was vital in resolving the issue. Abuse also compiled an internal report listing cases by fandom and type of complaint. Plagiarism and content which violated our Terms of Service (such as prompt requests, placeholders, blog posts, non-meta and non-fandom material, links to contests, and spam) were the top reasons complaints were submitted.

Systems is sad to report that their chair, Arrow, has stepped down from the group. Amanda and Moose are the new Co-Chairs for the committee. They have also been planning server upgrades and changes, which will make rolling out new servers easier.

Webmasters is part of a team with Communications and Development & Membership to assess content on the OTW website and bring it up to date. Those involved met for the first time in March and will be reviewing content in the coming months.


Volunteers & Recruiting has been working on the last stages of recruitment revision with a goal of rolling out the new process in April. They have been working with chairs, leads, and other committee staff in preparing documentation and with Webmasters on the final updates to the new volunteer landing page.

This month, they also welcomed a new co-chair, Curtis Jefferson, converted the Vidding Workgroup into the Fan Video & Multimedia Committee, and have partnered with Board on monthly chair/lead e-mail discussions set to start in April.

New Chairs: Amanda Furrow (Systems Co-Chair), Curtis Jefferson (Volunteers & Recruiting Co-Chair), Moose (Systems Co-Chair), Natacha Guyot (Fan Video & Multimedia Co-Chair), Tisha Turk (Fan Video & Multimedia Co-Chair)
Departing Chairs: arrow (Systems)
Departing Staffers: Emma (Translation)
Departing Volunteers: Emma (Translation)


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